Unfortunately sometimes artists have to cancel recording sessions- this is no problem and the date can usually be rearranged. However, if less than 2 weeks notice is given there will be a cancellation fee of £50 per day cancelled (regardless of hours booked per day). This is to make up for lost work- it's not always possible to find other clients with the same timeframe.


This also applies to recording and mixing sessions that are terminated early- if a set amount of studio time has been booked and  is completed before the time has run out unfortunately no refunds can be given on the remaining time. 




The payment for the session is to be handed over at the end of each day of recording, or on the last of multiple consecutive days. Cash or bank transfer is fine. Payment for mixing is also to be handed over at the end of the mix session. It is advisable to be present for the final part of the mix process if there are specific requirements.